Open Sections

Stewarts & Lloyds’ steel open sections are perfect for a wide range of construction and fabrication applications. Our high-quality steel products are precision-engineered to meet your exact specifications, so you can be sure they will perform reliably every time. We offer a wide range of products to meet your different construction needs. Our offerings include cold-formed steel floor joists, open web steel floor beams, wide flange beams and purlins, HSS steel beams and long-span mild steel I-beams.

All our open sections are available in sizes up to 100 inches high by 60 inches deep. Our open steel sections are available in various lengths, widths and thicknesses to meet your different requirements. We produce our open section beams using either hot rolled or cold formed mill quality steel sheets and are sometimes coated with zinc to resist weathering. Our open steel sections are easy to cut, bend and shape into almost any size or configuration.


•  Open Channel
•  Lipped Channel
•  Lipped Angle (Purlin)


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