Visible Security You Can Rely On


  • A Modern and technologically superior alternative to conventional security fencing solutions.
  • The high secure product is nearly impossible to climb or break through due to compact aperture.
  • Quality and uniformity Guaranteed.
  • Product available off the floor or subject to a short lead-time.
  • Fence panels are reinforced with additional rigidity bends for added strength.
  • Visibility is virtually unobscured, hence increasing the performance of CCTV surveillance and guarding.


  • Long standing, reputable company with a proven track record
  • Representation, via branch network, in all major centres and cities to assist with your fencing needs.
  • Installation teams and project managers in all provinces for all projects big and small
  • Product backed by manufacturers warranty.


Our range of fencing solutions are the preferred choice for when specifying and selecting a high-quality, affordable range of high security and perimeter fencing

Rigid and Strong

Heavy duty welded security mesh panels with V bends that provide additional strength and rigidity


All material is pre galvanised therefore giving additional protection under the different coatings that we offer, increasing the resistance to rust and corrosion, providing a stronger more durable and low maintenance product.

Quick Installation

Pre-Drilled posts and Flanges allow for a quick and easy installation that can be carried out by anyone


No matter the finish or aperture chosen by the client gives them an impressive finish that looks and feels Secure.



Cost Effective, Yet Elegant, solution for inland applications. All welded mesh panels are pre-galvanised


Exterior, UV resistant Polyester Powder Coating available as final finish to all pre galvanised wire fence panels and components


Plascoat/PVC final Coat on Pre-galvanised wire fence panels for Coastal applications

High Security Mesh Panels

Perimeter Mesh Panels

Econoline Powder Coated

Attaching Panel to Post

  1. Plant Post
  2. Line posts up
  3. Insert first panel to open end of post
  4. Insert second panel next to first panel on post
  5. Using the flange plate secure the two panels loosely with shear off nut and bolt set
  6. Once levelled tighten bolts

ICU Gallery

Stewarts & Lloyds have been supplying the South African market for 120 years with quality steel and tube products and expanding on the product range we offer our customers.

ICU security fencing is one such product that Stewarts & Lloyds has started supplying and is quickly establishing itself in a very competitive market with a high-quality security fence, with the backup of branches country wide and a branch in Windhoek Namibia.

Stewarts & Lloyds with its extensive branch network not only supplies to the end user but also to the installers involved in the security fencing industry.

Stewarts & Lloyds also offers a full turnkey solution with approved installers so that our customers have the peace of mind of a quality product as well as quality installation insuring that at no time their security will be compromised.

ICU security fence has additional V bends on all its panels allowing for a more rigid and stronger panel.

ICU is Stewarts and Lloyds brand of wire security fencing that is manufactured to the strictest standards that affords both the contractor and end user the peace of mind that they are both installing and receiving a high-quality product that will ensure both the contractor and the end user peace of mind that security is not compromised.

Stewarts & Lloyds offers a full range of security fence products from the more cost-effective range to the high security range depending on what the client’s requirements are.

Different finishes are offered from the standard Galvanised finish to powder coated finish as well as the plastic-coated finish that is used mainly in our coastal areas.

Both the powder coated, and plastic-coated finishes can be applied to all our security fence products in various colours depending on what the customer wants.

ICU security fencing is manufactured in various heights as is the norm in the industry, to which spikes, razor coil or electric fence can be added so the security can be improved and will not affect the aesthetics will not be compromised.

ICU security fencing is a visible barrier that can be used on residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties as well as on Farms.

The ICU security fencing has predrilled posts and flanges allowing for quick and easy installation. Owing to the design of the channel posts and Flanges, we can customise the posts and flanges to any height that might be required.

Customised gates can also be made to the client’s specifications and can be coated to match the fence line.

Gates and Gate Types

Product Enquiry


Stewarts & Lloyds has a trading record of over 100 years! The name is synonymous with excellent service and good quality products.