Suppliers of Fixings & Fasteners

We have a vast selection of fixings, suitable for use in the construction, engineering and fabrication industries.


• Coach Screws - in various diameters and lengths
• Rivets - blind and solid rivets
• Nail in and Sleeve Anchors - a wide variety of anchors
• Tek Screws
• Galvanised Nuts and Bolts - available in varying diameters and pack sizes
• Cable ties - for indoor and outdoor use. Available in a number of standard lengths.
• Rawl Bolts - high quality, various sizes and threads. Available individually or in packs.
• Threaded Rod - available in various materials, grades and lengths
• Bonded Washers - reliable, hard and durable

All our fixings are manufactured from a variety of high quality materials. Visit one of our branches to see the full range of fixings and fasteners we supply.

Stewarts & Lloyds Hardware

Stewarts & Lloyds Hardware is the cash and carry arm of the highly successful Stewarts & Lloyds group. Paying cash,is a “brilliant” method of securing greater savings. We accept all credit cards, as well as cheques. Cheques are guaranteed through CGS.

Free Delivery

We offer a free delivery service for the customer that cannot take a 6 metre length in his car. We will also cut the 6 metre length to the length you require.
*Terms and Conditions apply

We're Nationwide

Our nationwide network of 32 branches caters for everyone from the business entrepreneur to the DIY enthusiast. There are always specials on offer. Our Pricing is as competitive as the range is vast.


Stewarts & Lloyds has a trading record of over 100 years!

The name is synonymous with excellent service and good quality products.